Adult Bedtime Stories

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Getting into podcasts means I also discovered podcasts specifically designed to help people sleep, relax, or take a moment to themselves.

A detailed guide to the top rated late night stories for grown-ups and significant others.

Your mileage may vary, but here are some sleep and relaxation focused podcasts in no particular order that have successfully helped me drift off into dreamland in less than an hour. Also, I genuinely did drop my head onto my desk while doing some re-listening for this list and took a nap, so thanks for bringing some shuteye into my workday, podcasts.

  • The Apprentice - a Pulitzer winner on Russion interference and The Hour of Separation;
  • Designed by Nature;
  • Try this bedtime story for adults from Matthew McConaughey | Well+Good;
  • Internet Dating Kings Diaries: Life, Dating and Love.

In the tradition of our childhoods, Otis Gray reads classic stories in the public domain to help listeners go to sleep. I highly suggest starting with stories that you already know and love, so that you can achieve the maximum effect of having a beloved story read to you at bedtime again.

  • Top 5 Sleep Apps (on Google Play).
  • Crochet Pattern - CP233 - Pleated Angel Top, Trousers and Hat Set - newborn, 0-3, 3-6 mths - USA Terminology!
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  • Netherworld (Soul Guardians Book 4)!
  • Vanessa Hudgens - Biography of a Super Star Entertainer.

Cleverly using second person, Kathryn guides the you in this story through a lovingly detailed and descriptive experience of a calming or happy event, like baking bread or enjoying an unexpected nap. The second time, she slows down her speech and lengthens her pauses, which makes this a great podcast for regulating and timing breathing for me. I would be remiss to not include Sleep with Me on this list.

  • Global Environmental Governance: Foundations of Contemporary Environmental Studies (Foundations of Contemporary Environmental Studies Series);
  • Sleep With Me: The Podcast that Puts You To Sleep with Drew Ackerman.
  • Dimensions.
  • A History of Egypt from the End of the Neolithic Period to the Death of Cleopatra VII B.C. 30 (Routledge Revivals): Vol. IV: Egypt and Her Asiatic Empire: 4.

Creator Drew Ackerman, or Scooter, blends the need to giggle and to find relief from insomnia to create bedtime stories for adults who, in particular, might be lonely in their insomnia. In a neat twist to the format, this is a horror anthology podcast designed to also be soothing, and I swear by this podcast.

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This is such a difficult concept to execute well—to use a genre that normally is associated with tension and no sleep to help put people to sleep—and Zaza nails it by sticking firmly in the realm of eerie, strange, and sometimes sad. If you want the sounds of walking through nature or standing in the lives of monks in their monastery, Slow Radio has your back and will help you slow down for a little while. Weber reads Wikipedia articles on religion and mythology for an hour, backed by looped piano and violin classical music. The backlog of this podcast is one of my fondest loves.

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Creator Seymour Jacklin writes cute, fantasy stories, often fabulist or dreamy, as they draw inspiration from his dreams. One can even sleepwalk among the elephants in Nepal. She set the story in the lavender fields of Provence. An adult bedtime story is great.

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And you can download the Calm Sleep Stories on your phone to go. But not everyone sleeps well in the wild. Smith says knowledge, practice — and the right gear.

Her favorite trick on cold nights is filling a Sigg as a makeshift hot-water bottle. Load it with boiling water, wrap it in a sock, and put in your sleeping bag. See what else Smith takes when sleeping outside here.

Adult Bedtime Stories

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Adult Bedtime Stories
Adult Bedtime Stories
Adult Bedtime Stories
Adult Bedtime Stories
Adult Bedtime Stories
Adult Bedtime Stories
Adult Bedtime Stories
Adult Bedtime Stories

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