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Down and Dirty

Nino Manfredi stars as the grizzly old patriarch although he would be more convincing if he were less grizzly, and if his wig and makeup were less obvious. He's lost his left eye and been rewarded with a million lire from the government, and his relatives are cheerfully prepared to dump rat poison in his pasta to get their hands on it.

Manfredi, meanwhile, uses the money to indulge himself in terminal piggishness. He brings home a ballooning prostitute who bounces in and out of his bed.

He swaggers around the shack with a shotgun. He boasts and drinks and threatens his countless relatives, and they respond like an operatic chorus. Some of Scola's least convincing scenes, indeed, have the relatives lined up choruslike for marches through town or a ride on top of a peddler's truck. They look too choreographed: On top of the truck, the illusion of reality is spoiled because they're all looking the same way.

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There is a message here somewhere, I guess. Most of the time it's overlooked, and then Scola hammers it home too obviously. The message is that the kids are trapped in this slum and will never realize their potential. An early scene has the nubile teenage girl, not yet quite a hooker, boasting about the money she makes posing for pinup pictures. She brags to an innocent younger sister, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the young blond in Fellini's " La Dolce Vita.

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  8. On Australia's Bondi beach, activists sifted through the sand, carting off bits of plastic and cigarette butts. In the Philippines, about 10, people swept across a long stretch of beach on heavily polluted Manila Bay, clutching sacks they filled with rubbish. Plastic pollution is a major problem across South-east Asia , but particularly in the Philippines, which - along with China, Vietnam and Indonesia - is frequently listed as being among the world's worst offenders.

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    down and dirty

    Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: She's a dancing girl who brings up the heat Hits on all the men She knows how to move and make you feel Like you want to get into sin A chocolate bar was going really far Really made me catch my breath So she had an unordinary glance I got down tools in the chest Down and dirty You're down and dirty, alright She's down and dirty You're down and dirty She twisted her ass around drinks While the dirty works the girl's booty Whispered in my ear what I want to hear Says, "Come with me baby, let's play.

    You gotta check out.

    Down & Dirty - 10,000 miles
    Down and Dirty Down and Dirty
    Down and Dirty Down and Dirty
    Down and Dirty Down and Dirty
    Down and Dirty Down and Dirty
    Down and Dirty Down and Dirty

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