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Just because it is the hallowed "Boys of the Lough" does not mean they know what they are doing or that they get things right. He got the tune wrong, really. There are loads of other recordings of this tune out there, including Finnish ones. This transcription was learned from Finnish musicians, the craic was good. Hell, it is almost an alternate national anthem for them. They would know more about it than Cathal does, I promise. It sort of makes sense. With any tune there are endless possibilities.

Some tunes can take it. The following is for Ofer of Israel, alias "TheSheep"?

This is from his transcription and a few things from Cathal, roughed out late last night. This morning I have the resultant bloody headache. On "The Boys of the Lough" recording they reversed the second and third part.

What follows is in the generally accepted order of the parts. Extreme, who me? Sometimes delinquency is a kick, fun. It is better done with company. If you need any help with ABCs, just ask.

The Real Book - Volume I (6th ed.): B-Flat Instrument

If I can help without confusing I would always be glad to… I sometimes give alternate takes and keys in the original notes, so it will play to the midi and show up on the sheet, but only sometimes. Connotes a larger area than a wood; d an area of land proclaimed to be forest under a Forest Act or Ordinance. Submitted on July 7th by ceolachan. Brings a tear to your eye….

Apparently, that is the way they play it on Fyn, in Denmark. Henning, the box player got it there.

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A very different version, but cheesy too. BTW, Ceol, it is plural - forest flowers. The words of the song make that clear. Yer man picks the violets that survived in the shelter of the pines, for his bride to be. The names in Scandi lands translate better as "wood" or "forest violet". Well, I did say there was a fair bit of cheese involved. Definitely, lay it on thick… :-D Thanks Weejie…. More on that above in the comments, beautifully explained by Weejie, with added pathos, appreciated as always.

In this household we do love the varied and interesting music and dance traditions there, and I love the pickled fish. I only wish my wife appreciated the pickled fish as much as I do. Interesting that you mention a "Chinese curse", Ceol.

For instrument in B Flat

Every conscientious musician will appreciate that these books are now produced accurately and ethically, benefitting the songwriters that we owe for some of the greatest tunes of all time! Editions also available in C, B-flat, and E-flat. And Mrs.

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Forest Flower - B-flat Instruments Forest Flower - B-flat Instruments
Forest Flower - B-flat Instruments Forest Flower - B-flat Instruments
Forest Flower - B-flat Instruments Forest Flower - B-flat Instruments
Forest Flower - B-flat Instruments Forest Flower - B-flat Instruments
Forest Flower - B-flat Instruments Forest Flower - B-flat Instruments
Forest Flower - B-flat Instruments Forest Flower - B-flat Instruments

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