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We're rewarding mediocrity and that doesn't work in a capitalistic society. Why should I have to pay for someone else's ignorance, and you shouldn't legislate ignorance. Sascha Burns: It's not in the interest of the government or country for a market to be in crisis. There are steps that we can take to fix it, and Barack Obama's plan can help ease what's going on in the housing market. Gary B Smith: Housing, like any purchase of an asset, has risk. And the buyer should know and be prepared for those risks up front.

It's not the government's job to ensure against that risk, and it's also not the government's job to push people towards homeownership in the first place! Forget Hollywood! What a show "we've" got for you! Our stars reveal award-winning names that'll give you the gold all year long in the stock x-change! If you want to watch what each had to say about each stock, click here.

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Buy Nike NKE. Charles Payne: Obviously the down and dirty fighting going on between Obama and Clinton makes McCain look more presidential. Neil Cavuto: And by the end of the week, McCain was dealing with his own set of accusations…. Charles Payne: Yeah, but at least he wasn't fighting another candidate. He was fighting a liberal, left-wing newspaper that came out with a story outta left field. Ben Stein: Wait a minute! You're calling the "New York Times" a liberal newspaper?!

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John Edwards: The also-ran, the guy that no one voted for, the guy with the most liberal policies, the guy with the most anti-capitalistic policies… Clinton and Obama are saying they're both in favor of that. I think as Americans watch that unfold, they're going to say, "You know what? These guys sound great, but I'm afraid to change the country that drastically. Ben Stein: Well, I think it'll sort out very simply. I think Mr. Obama will win hands down.

I think he'll crush Mrs. I think he'll choose John Edwards or someone like him to be vice president. I think they'll run on a highly populist ticket. They'll tap into the public anger about subprime and Wall Street shenanigans… which I think is well-earned, frankly. I think Wall Street deserves a lot of anger. They'll tap into public resentment about oil prices… which is not earned.

It's not the oil companies' fault at all. But, they'll tap into that anyway. I think they'll run on a very left-wing platform and it scares me to death. I'm very, very worried. Ben Stein: Oh, I think Obama's going to coast to victory. Unless McCain picks Charlie Crist, who is a formidable campaigner, I think the Democrats are unstoppable at this point.

I pray it's not true, but I'm afraid it is.

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Neil Cavuto: Tracy, what do you make of the argument that the bickering between the Democratic candidates focuses Americans on issues they're not fond of? Tracy Byrnes: We're watching a playground brawl and it's almost like a soap opera. It's interesting in many ways. McCain has an opportunity to prove and say the things people want to hear.

Everyone's watching the playground brawl; no one's taking it seriously. McCain can step up and say the things people haven't heard from him — like helping the middle class. This is his opportunity. Neil Cavuto: Adam, I don't want to be Machiavellian here, but I do find it interesting that just as McCain did have an opportunity… along comes this "New York Times" story questioning whether he unduly used his influence on Capitol Hill. But, I don't want to get into that.

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I do want to get into the notion that the environment favors someone like McCain. I don't know that I agree with that. What do you think? Adam Lashinsky: I don't agree either. We have to remind ourselves that we're in a news cycle. All of this is a news cycle. Obama and Clinton are focused on being more populist.

I would disagree with Charles that no one voted for John Edwards. Somebody did vote for John Edwards. Adam Lashinsky: No, you know, he was routinely getting 18 — 20 percent of the vote in many of the states and that can swing a decision when you're fighting for your life like Mrs. Clinton is in Texas and Ohio. The McCain business is embarrassing because it's sexual in nature. But, it's also embarrassing because it involves a lobbyist.

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And McCain rails against lobbyists. Neil Cavuto: Wait a minute. We don't even know if it's true. It's nearly a 10 year old story. He's denied it. She's denied it. Adam Lashinsky: Right. And my larger point is it's February and this isn't what we're going to be talking about in August or September or October. Charles Payne: Here's the thing though… you talk about the news cycles, but when you bring out the populist rhetoric, you can't pull back. When you make these promises, the more you promise, the more you have to keep promising. It sort of feeds on itself, Adam.

It's not like you can promise the world and take it back by November! Adam Lashinsky: But we like that. We'd like it to be true, Charles.

Listen to LOVE VS LUST now.

I wouldn't call these promises, I would say it's more what the candidates are emphasizing. I do not think we'll see Barack Obama emphasizing this populist agenda as much after he's the nominee. Neil Cavuto: Marc Lamont Hill, my fear, Adam's comments notwithstanding, is that the damage is done, right? So if you are bashing pharmaceutical companies, you are bashing oil companies, if you're assuming everyone on Wall Street is a greedy pig… a lot of them are, but I don't think everyone is… it's very hard to make nice with them during the general campaign season.

Does that register? In fact, I'm a Kucinich supporter. I see Obama as a centrist. Marc Lamont Hill: Right. Fair enough!


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But I think Obama has deliberately run as a centrist. When you read his book, take a look at his campaign platforms…he's deliberately made gestures toward Wall Street, toward free trade…. Neil Cavuto: What? Like what? It can't happen. But, I think the issue here is it's all relative. Obama isn't saying that. He's saying he's against some of the arrangements that have been made. That's a much more centrist position. I think he will be rewarded in November by playing the middle.

Tracy Byrnes: And to Ben's point about why Obama's going to win… Obama's been pussy-footing through the whole thing.

$hoot for the Money $hoot for the Money
$hoot for the Money $hoot for the Money
$hoot for the Money $hoot for the Money
$hoot for the Money $hoot for the Money
$hoot for the Money $hoot for the Money
$hoot for the Money $hoot for the Money
$hoot for the Money $hoot for the Money
$hoot for the Money $hoot for the Money
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