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He showed me that he kept us from visiting back for that four years to keep us from being tempted. It was in that place of prayer that God gave me Haggai as a directive scripture. However God had other plans! The second miracle was on that same return trip back north to our home.

I felt like God was calling me to first of all go back home where He had called us. Second that we were being called to build a house on a Mountain.

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Only God knows, and the people who really know me how much, mountains mean to me. From that point you could see over fifty miles into New York State. I loved it and I love high places. I still visit that mountain from time to time to this day. For God to call me to build a house on a mountain was definitely granting me the desires of my heart. He had my attention! There was one problem with this directive. I had no money to build a house with.

The House of Miracles

It had been a stretch to have the funds just for the gas to drive that twenty five foot motor home to Florida and home again. We had one stop on our way back home. Just a few days later the next miracle happened! The details and name of the following individual I will leave nameless for the sake of their anonymity. I will only say that when I was asked what my plans were for over the next year I shared the simple fact that I thought it was time to build our house.

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I did not try to spiritualize it or be manipulative. I stated it as something I felt we were to do. It was on that weekend return trip home that I was given a check for fifteen thousand to buy land on which to build the house. The person who had given me the check had no idea what I felt it was God that had called me to do it.

It was literally just a few days after I had received the directive. I was headed home with a check for fifteen thousand dollars to buy land with and to start the first stages of site preparation for home construction. It was the fact that I could not find a property for fifteen thousand anywhere. I looked and looked for a period of several months. My desire was to find a piece of property that had some acreage, but also would leave enough money left to hopefully put in my electrical service and my septic system. This way I could park my RV at the site, and begin to build my home.

I would have everything needed to have a jobsite place to get in out of the weather as I began to build our home.

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The miracle in reverse was however as I looked and looked for land that would allow me to do that nothing seemed to be available in that price range! So after several months of praying and seeking the Lord, trying to find a piece of property that would work, nothing had happened! During that time my younger brother Joel had helped me out by giving me a with his construction business. The job presented a lot of unique challenges and I know I was not as productive a carpenter as were his other men. I was battling some discouragement and possibly some light depression one day as I was driving home from work.

All of a sudden as I came in to the small town of Wellsburg, on my way back to Elmira, the Spirit of God came in my truck just like a powerful worship service! His peace was so strong in the cab of my truck. I immediately stopped the truck backed up a little bit and headed up over Comfort Hill Road, all the time asking God why.

His presence was so strong I knew what ever the reason was He had a plan. As it turned out that day there was no property for sale on Comfort Hill Road! I had traveled that road probably only one time in my life during a hunting trip so I did not know it well. As I drove, I looked to the right and to my left is I went over the mountain, thinking there would be something for sale.

There simply wasn't! The reverse miracle was that there was nothing for sale so I had to pray harder with closer focus on Him to try to see what he was saying to my heart.

House of Miracles

God often does that. He brings us to a place of nothingness so we will more diligently seek His face concerning His will. Ultimately He knows that once we do find it, the journey there will be a path doubly confirmed and a road we will never forget! That night I was so convinced that God had led me over that road I loaded up the family and we drove over it again.

This time it was from the other side of the mountain. Surely looking at it driving the other way would reveal it? No real estate signs anywhere at that point from one side of the mountain to the other. Doubt began to try to creep in. One day a few weeks later, I did something that I was accustomed to do. I drove my nineteen eighty nine black Dodge Dakota pickup truck down to Wellsburg to use the cheapest car wash in the area!

There I was, with pressure washer in my hand, trying to make the best of my eight quarters and it happened again! The presence of God came on me so strongly I felt he was about to show me something else.

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His peace was so strong. Do you want me to start knocking on doors seeing if anything is for sale? I pulled my truck over like most people assuming that the land belonged to the power company. I decided to walk across the field North and check out the view. I had not taken a hundred steps when something caught my eye. High grass had grown up around it so you could not see it from the road. I then walked back to the truck with a plan to try to find out who owned this newfound piece of property, which may be for sale!

Grumpy Mr. I drove with my truck that day about two hundred feet up the road to the neighbors house across the street who we will affectionately call Mr. You have to understand something about Mr. They had lived on that land for over forty years as a couple and the Mrs. They had never had any neighbors. They kind of liked it that way. So when I went and knocked at their door the answer to my question was not met with warm enthusiasm.

I did not know this at the time so I cheerfully in my Pennsylvania country warmth asked him a question.

I may though give her a call just to see if maybe by now she has changed her mind? T followed. I just waved goodbye kindly, hopped back in my truck and drove back down the hill. Little Old Lady The next day I contacted the Ashland Town office to see if they could tell me who owned the property where the rusty for sale sign was hanging? They gladly filled my request and with one better a phone number. That day I called this supposed difficult little old lady on the phone. I told her how I had been walking in the field and had seen an old rusty for sale sign hanging on one of the big power poles.

We had bought it very reasonably and had planned to one-day build a house on it but never did.

House of Miracles House of Miracles
House of Miracles House of Miracles
House of Miracles House of Miracles
House of Miracles House of Miracles
House of Miracles House of Miracles
House of Miracles House of Miracles

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