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Teach, Discover, Celebrate! So why is it that you can't seem to get organized? Or, why is it that you can't seem to STAY organized? These questions keep you in a state of disarray, frustration and unease. Start a Closet Design Now. Featuring Classica.

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Storage Solutions Done Right Closet organizers tailored to your personal style. Builders Multifamily Dealers. Picture Yourself More Organized. Organized Bedrooms Organization where you begin and end your day. Organized Pantries Get organized in the heart of the home.

Organizing Schoolwork & Assignments

And now I have one nice black sweater— and it actually holds its shape! I adjusted my budget to reflect this new mindset, because I'm worth taking care of — and I needed to own up to who I really am. I'm not going to lose those last 10 pounds, or be a person who loves drapey blouses which I bought plenty of, but never wore. I'm just not. And that's OK. This feels like an indulgence, but it's made such a huge impact on my closet.

2. Make Back-Ups Of Everything

The tidy, matching hangers remind me that my clothes and myself are worth treating well. Plus, now it feels less burdensome to keep my closet neat — as Maeve taught me, if the action is something you're actually willing to do, you will keep up with it.

7 Things Organized People Do That You (Probably) Don't Do

Why did I need all of these credit card bills from years ago? Finally, I bit the bullet and we purged 10 years of paper — I even had a shredding company come!

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With Maeve, I redid my filing system , which now has "in and out" spots for bills. I'm so paranoid of going back to how it was, overwhelmed by paper, that I make myself purge monthly now. As both a mom and an entrepreneur, I toggle between many hats each day — and that means I need a lot of bags, too. So I cleaned out the closet in my entryway and created a "drop zone" — it was one of the single greatest changes I made. I leave four bags and totes there, and I have this amazing "go drawer. Now, I feel like I'm in the Amazon warehouse — I pick and pack my bag for the day and go.

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  • How I Totally Changed My Life to Finally Get Organized.

For instance, Maeve told me to hang pictures in my closet. These nice mementos make places fun to open up and use — for instance, while decluttering we came across a sticker that said "be brave and brilliant," and we decided to stick it in the back of my filing cabinet. It reminds me to not let it get too packed, and is just an extra little thing that helps honor my quirks and passions. Which brings me to one of the most important points…. I learned this lesson in both big and small ways: In the grander scheme of things, I used feel like my clothes and clutter were controlling me, and saying a lot about who I am.

Decluttering and organizing, of course, helped me mitigate some of that shame — but now I also refuse to be embarrassed by my stuff. My home is uniquely mine and it truly reflects who I am. And on a granular level, being honest with myself has turned out to be one of the biggest keys in staying tidy. For example, Maeve was big on not storing stuff on the floor, so we made a place for step stools because I'm short.

I have to honor the fact that I am a short person to make my life easier. I've really felt the payoffs of this project, and I never want to go back. I can have people over without playing an epic game of "hide the stuff.

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It used to take me so long to unpack from a trip, but now it's so much easier. If the general state of my home is in chaos, I'm in chaos — and I don't want to feel like that again.

Organized for Life! Organized for Life!
Organized for Life! Organized for Life!
Organized for Life! Organized for Life!
Organized for Life! Organized for Life!
Organized for Life! Organized for Life!
Organized for Life! Organized for Life!

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