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Below is some of the info I had posted minus some that I felt the need to edit out until there is a complete and professionally put together Article producing all of the "Releasable Information" in a coherent way. I was told to stand in on spot in the area right in front of all of the people present with no instructions. I was feeling extremely exposed and nervous.

I was standing there with my thumbs in my front pockets of my jeans while a couple of the people asked who I was and why I was wearing the cap I was On my way out I happened to pick up a NASA cap from the rack that I grabbed my wind breaker from and asked a few other uncomfortable questions. Then all of a sudden they got quiet and those who weren't already seated did so looking forward. For being so tall it has only a 3 foot "Shoulder Breadth", Long arms and legs with 3 long fingers and toes. It's neck was a little on the long side and its "Head" looked large compared to the small shoulders.

Cryptozoology, Bigfoot, Aliens & More!

The mouth Remained closed was small but there was a crease at the corner of the mouth and a small rise where the lips would be But no color difference. The eyes were completely oval, were "Powder Blue" with a dark "Iris" the shape of a "Diamond". When it moved it did so in a VERY fluid like manner. The Blue Avian in attendance responded only in this manner which I conveyed and the simplicity set the stage for how they answered many of the questions asked.

That was it Raw-Rain-Eir is one of the other Two Avian's Names that I have been meeting most recently - One person in a suit that I recognized as being worn often by some who rotated into some conferences as "Delegates" asked details about Why do they need so many space ships referencing the Spheres. They are what you would best describe as devices and are in place to buffer the tsunami of storms of highly charged and vibrational energies entering your system so they do not effect your Star, Planets and Native Life in an adverse way as your system enters into this part of the Galaxy.

They stated the group would return under any demands. The responds was Denied and it was communicated that ALL of the travel within or without of the Solar System will remain suspended for the foreseeable future This did not go over well with many The person asking the question did not seem satisfied with the explanation. Much of the responses to their questions were not what they wanted to hear or in many instances were things that I was conveying for the Avians to the groups that I did not understand It was also interesting that there were approximately 70 normal human beings that were picked up and brought to these meetings who were absolutely blown away.

Many of them were in their night time clothing with their hair sticking up and bare footed as though they had no warning of the meetings. The info of the "post conference meeting" where we were transported to the Sphere that was manipulated to allow us to be there physically will be spoken to the Researcher directly when we can talk securely and he will decide how to release the information and present it in the most digestible way.

That is truly all I have to report at this time Pardon errors as I am still incredibly exhausted and am still processing quite a lot of raw data and information in general about these experiences. Run the information through your own discernment filters. Not just match up what sounds good or already goes along with your established belief system or "Reality Bubble".

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Be willing to step outside of that box but always keep your "Discernment Filter" firmly in place and active In the mean-time I have some more questions regarding your comments below on the "sphere beings. How do you know they are allies to them? What kind of relationship do these allies have? That in itself is very revealing. I have pasted your comments mentioning the sphere beings below for reference from the other thread. Thanks for opening a thread. Some speculated it had to do with Ley Lines Changing their polarity or neutralizing them?

No one seems to know for certain what the purpose of the Beams intention was Not even the allies of the "Sphere Beings". They just know it was not a weapon or violent event. There seems to be more questions than answers on much of what is going on with the "Sphere Beings". These beings have also been showing themselves to "Average People" recently on Earth but not communicating with them on a conscious level.

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They just appear to them In the form of various shades of blue, Indigo and Violet "Light or Energy Orbs", the size of ping pong balls, basket balls to beach balls for a matter of several moments, hover around and then zip off and disappear. The Sphere Being's have been keeping info close to the vest as they say Energy beings don't wear vests No matter how "Good" or well intentioned they are. These "Sphere Beings" There is an official name that is classified that had been here some time cloaked and only observing have moved into some sort of "Pre-operational Mode".

It is very interesting stuff All of these Federation Groups are throwing around all sorts of stories to rally their supporters and to buy their stories There are about a dozen stories of who these Sphere Beings are and why there are here that have been put out by as many different Races that have been in control of Earth and the Sol System for thousands of years.

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There is so much deception it is hard to keep sane. Thank you so very much for continuing to share your extraordinary experiences and knowledge of the bigger picture that helps so many join together greater dots. I have read with great interest your previous threads, and thank you with all my heart for the valuable time, effort, grace and patience you have injected into them. You bring stellar information to the table! There are a couple of things you said on recent TOT posts that has got my minding spiralling.

Please take the time now to look over this material at the link below and them come back to this post to proceed with this question if you do not mind As a refresher if you had looked at the material prior. Earth itself has shifted slightly in Space making the nodes be out of alignment? C Or could it be some type of sophisticated jamming frequency? Some Speculate the Sphere Beings are Jamming the gates and other technologies right now. I think this is partially true.

I think it is a combination of the Sphere Beings jamming some technologies and taking advantage of the dampening effect of our Galactic Positioning right now to "Act".

Spheres made from Agate, Rock, Jasper, Fiber Optics and Gemstones

They were cloaked, waiting and watching for years. I said I would not speculate, but I had to on this one some.

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D Planetary collective consciousness has somehow affected this misalignment in the nodes? Could this be a type of recalibration occurring to all the grids? It is covered more in the link to my blog above. Everything is "Vibration" Light, Matter and Thought are all vibratory states and when you have two "Nodes" that are vibrating at similar rates with an Electro-Magnetic Connection and one of those Nodes completely changes its amplitude that bidirectional connection is no longer in harmony.

The Node will then connect to the closest node in the general area of the one it was connected to previously taking the path of least resistance. This gives the traveler a very unwelcome and unstable portal opening whipping around in open space between moving star clusters or systems. The Galactic Clouds and Storms have made Portal Travel a challenge recently especially in the artificial portals that do not occur naturally between bodies in the "Cosmic Web" as described in the Blog link above.

It is late, I will read this again in the morning to make sure this makes sense One of the most beautiful orbs I witnessed was ultraviolet blue, its size was uncommonly large, about 2ft in diameter as it very slowly glided gracefully through my room. It was an unconditionally loving, soulfully peaceful experience. I am also fascinated in the very tiny bright gold orbs I see sometimes.

I am excited with what you wrote about the Sphere Beings and I do hope you are able to keep us updated on this subject. For instance do you personally think they are individual BEings working as a group directive? What you are describing is exactly like every encounter I have ever seen detailed in reports about "Regular People" on Earth experiencing a "Visit" from the "Sphere Beings".

The Great Purple Sphere The Great Purple Sphere
The Great Purple Sphere The Great Purple Sphere
The Great Purple Sphere The Great Purple Sphere
The Great Purple Sphere The Great Purple Sphere
The Great Purple Sphere The Great Purple Sphere

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