The Tales of Billie Bass

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Since this mama may be full of eggs, it's back into the water she goes. The catch-and-release program ensures this generation of bass will be able to produce the next generation of fish. Plus, catch-and-release allows other fisherman the chance to catch a big one.

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New editions of Tankful play at the end of each hour starting at 6 a. Toggle navigation. Brackett writes: on Wednesday January 03, PM Homepage I dunno, I think pretty much everyone can agree that a Boogie Bass that says "Satan commands you to spread the blood of the innocent" in a demonic voice is pretty damn funny.

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  7. Big Mouth Billy Bass is back! New $40 version of hit toy works with Amazon's Alexa smart speaker.

Er, I guess a schizophrenic might not find it so funny. Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:what a. Score: 1 by Anonymous Coward writes: To give as "gifts" to annoy friends, of course. I think the question is: who thought of this and where do they live? In a word, Score: 1 by habaneroburger writes: That website is so pork. If it was your fake fish and you reprogrammed it cleverly, it was hacked.

If it was someone else's fake fish, and you reprogrammed it cleverly, it was hacked and cracked. If it was someone else's fake fish, and you reprogrammed it stupidly, it was cracked. And you're a script kiddie.

Billy Bass 15th Anniversary Edition

And there's no such thing as defacing junk like a Boogie Bass. Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:woo hoo! Score: 1 by agentZ writes: Well, since most of the colors are taken I suppose this would be Bass Box then Selling modified boogie bass would not infringe Score: 1 by MrKhuel writes: The company loses the right to tell you what you can do with your boogie bass once they sell it to you. You may be unable to manufacture new boogie basses due to possible copyright, patent, and trademark infringements.

However, as long as the modifier of the boogie bass does not claim that it is an unmodified boogie bass, then the company that manufactured it would have no real legal claim to prevent the modified boogie bass's sale. Note that it is a little different in the software world because software developers normally do not sell their products, but merely "license" them. This practice is legally questionable, but has been used to prevent selling modified copies of software such as Windows. Just imagine : Today we can manipulate a But on a serious note : my brother seemed to think that this was the ideal gift for me what was he smoking?

So I'm stuck with one. To the moderators : I already have a crappy plastic singing fish. Please don't humiliate me even more by modding me down :. Either way, it's still pretty pathetic I guess some people have way too much time on their hands. Trademarks would only be a problem if he claimed that it was an original "Boogie Bass.

Copyright law as well as patent law possibly would only be a problem if he started manufacturing new fish instead of buying them, modifying them, and selling the modified versions. Patent law might be a problem if the company has filed a patent on boogie bass that lets you change what they say, but only after the patent has been cleared and the person making these modifications has been notified. In that case, he would need to license the patent in ordert to modify and sell the boogie bass. But in any case, this company is likely to act a little more intelligently about people selling modified versions of its product than companies in the entertainment or software industries.

This company manufactures a good. Why someone buys it, whether to use "as is" or to modify and resell, does not affect the bottom line. If they get more sales from people buying modified bass who would otherwise not buy a regular bass I personally would not buy either of them You know, I really must congratulate the guy who hacked this stupid fish. I mean, that's about the tackiest thing in the world; it might at least be fun if it reminds you that you're fat and ugly or makes some other nasty remarks.

Anyway, having said that, I completely understand the creative genius.

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You see, I have a snowblower. Snowblowers seem to be a hot commodity this year, and the recent snowfall here has spurred me into motion on a recent project that I had started in the spring and then had allowed to languish. I have a Ariens 2-stage 24" snowblower. And the engine was cooked. I needed to put on another one. And so I did it. I got out the tapemeasure, and I figured out how I could make it fit. Stretch the snowblower chassis 7" between the drive section and the blower section, weld on some angle iron as motor mounts, and I was all set.

I have an electric start, 4-cylinder, water-cooled, overhead cam, 2-barrel carbureted, 1. Coolant taken from the heater core ports on the water pump is circulated through fine copper tubing in the hand grips no mittens required! Horsepower, according to Chevette sales brochures, is about Sure, it weighs over lbs with the battery, but that just gives it more traction on the wheels, and allows it to churn into the biggest and nastiest snowbanks, even without tire chains. And, unlike the reliable but worn out old Tecumseh Sno-King that it replaced, with just a crack over idle, the snowblower won't bog down when I run through the crap blocking my driveway that the snowplow left behind.

It throws slush and ice the same 9 feet or so that it used to throw light powder snow with the old Tecumseh. Talking bass, my ass. I'm taking photos of the blower tonight, I'll post them somewhere when I can. Now, if only I could find some good Grade-8 bolts that will properly fit the shear pin holes on the auger Jeez, now you could have it do a variant on a Beatles tune, Hey Jude.

I want my Singing Rock Lobster to scream out a pornographic soundtrack as it humps its rock. Can I assume it would work the same way? Also, Killfrog has the best [killfrog. And any translation software you could fit in it would be pretty sorry, since it would have to fit in about 1k. A friend [swipnet. The package recieved was even marked as to indicate it contained the player.

Of course, he paid by CC, so they drew the money for the mp3-player and sent a singing fish. Makes one wonder Re:what a. Back in the mid's I happened to be walking past the kiddie trade book section at WaldenBooks when something grabbed my attention. I couldn't exactly say why , since all the books were the same size, thickness, and similar color schemes I homed in on it What's the one with the rose on the spine?

It was the first effort of A.

Toy Tales Weekly

Roquelaure known now as Anne Rice , The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty , which, in case you haven't heard, is in fact a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale but most certainly isn't the Disney version. Naturally I couldn't leave it there where some practical joker had left it in the potential grasp of prepubescent kiddies, so I swallowed hard and did my upright citizenly duty and bought it Just because some people don't use the term 'hacker' in some circumstances, doesn't mean that everyone must follow suit, or even care.

Billie Eilish - my strange addiction [Bass Boosted]

Most of the media, even computer industry rags, still uses the term 'hacker' for both the good and bad intent. Not a flame, just my opinion. Mark it down, call me troll, but really, I think people have more important things to think about than trying to get everyone to follow some individual's pet agenda. Of course, they may be a good reason for this policy that hasn't occurred to me, and you are all welcome to point it out to me.

Wow, it would be really funny to make it say JOKE. Would really freak out somebody on acid. If its waterproof, you can pretend to catch it and make it say JOKE2. There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Follow Slashdot stories on Twitter.

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Boogie Bass Hacked More Login. More Login. I come here to see if it was posted I guess Slashdot has their priorities :. Re:Holy shit Score: 3.

The Tales of Billie Bass The Tales of Billie Bass
The Tales of Billie Bass The Tales of Billie Bass
The Tales of Billie Bass The Tales of Billie Bass
The Tales of Billie Bass The Tales of Billie Bass
The Tales of Billie Bass The Tales of Billie Bass
The Tales of Billie Bass The Tales of Billie Bass
The Tales of Billie Bass The Tales of Billie Bass
The Tales of Billie Bass The Tales of Billie Bass

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